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A2 tool steel is often regarded as a "universal" cold work steel, offering a combination of good wear resistance and high toughness. D2 tool steel is harder and more wear-resistant, but less tough. Both can be used for cutting and forming tools, or other applications where high hardness are valued. Download A2 Datasheet. Blade Material: D2 Steel. Blade Length: 14.00". Blade Point: Clip Point. Edges Very Sharped. Hand Forged. Hardness: 58-60 HRC. D2 toolsteel is a 12% chrome steel, it has very high resistance against abrasive and adhesive wear due to a high volume of hard carbides in the steel matrix, good toughness, very good dimensional stability, high compressive strength, and has a very good base material for PVD/CVD coating as well as nitriding due to its secondary hardening. Oil Hardening tool steel or O-Grades (Cold-Working) This tool steels group has great resistance to abrasion and high toughness properties. It is considered to be a general-purpose steel, making it very versatile. Like 1.3520, 1.2419, O2, O1 Most of the applications are similar to those of A-grade and D-grade tool steels, but also include: Bushings. We are reliable aisi d2 tool steel supplier for more than two decades history. We know d2 tool steel chemical composition and mechanical properties better. Choose the tempering temperature according to the hardness required by reference to the tempering graph as shown below. Normally, parts should be tempered immediate at 205° to 540°C after it has cooled to about 50° to 66°C. For double temper, allow the tool to cool to room temperature before second temper. Minimum holding time is 2 hours. Oil Hardening tool steel or O-Grades (Cold-Working) This tool steels group has great resistance to abrasion and high toughness properties. It is considered to be a general-purpose steel, making it very versatile. Like 1.3520, 1.2419, O2, O1 Most of the applications are similar to those of A-grade and D-grade tool steels, but also include: Bushings. Material Notes: AISI D2 is a high-carbon, high-chromium tool steel alloyed with molybdenum and vanadium. AISI AD2 is characterized by: High wear resistance. High compressive strength. Good through-hardening properties. High stability in hardening. Good resistance to tempering-back.

AISI D2 is a cold work tool steel. Cold work dies steel D2 tool steel with high abrasion resistance, micro-deformation, the wind hard tool steel, carbon content as high as 1.5%, chromium content as high as 11.5%, the heat treatment hardness can reach 60 HRC. Otai Special Steel is Chinese d2 steel china supplier in steel round bar, plate, flat. D2 tool steel is an air-hardening, high carbon, high chromium tool steel with extremely high wear-resisting properties. It is a very deep hardening steel and will be practically free from size change after proper treatment. The high percentage of chromium gives it mild corrosion-resisting properties in the hardened condition. d2 o1 s1 d2 o2 a2 x210cr12/ 1.2080 x 155crvmov12.1/ 1.2379 100mncrw4/ 1.2510 60wcrv7/ 1.2550 x 165crmov12/ 1.2601 90mncrv8/ 1.2842 1 00crmov5- 1/ 1.2363 flame hardening/1.2108 a1si/ astm en/ din jis crd sld sgt yc3 hmd5 sld8 ycs3 yxm1 yxr7 yxr3 yxr33 hap5r hap10 hap40 hap72 hitachi ch16v cr7vl kind bohler dc11 goa yk30 go5 dcmx dc53 mh51 mh85. AISI M2 tool steel. For repair of M2 and D2 tool steel. Used in forming dies, knives, shear blades and drills. AISI M2 : 60-64 Rc as welded : M-250 SWT : Maraging 250 alloy. This alloy generates deposits that are 30-32 Rc and machinable as welded. Age hardening at 950˚F will increase hardness up to 49-51 Rc. Introduction D2 steel (otherwise X155 CrVMo 12 or the same as 1.2379) is an air hardening, high-carbon, high-chromium tool steel. It has high wear and abrasion resistant properties. It is heat treatable and will offer a hardness in the range 55-62 HRC, and is machinable in the annealed condition. D2 steel shows little distortion on D2 tool steel Read More ». Cylindrical samples of type AISI D2 tool steel were submitted to the thermal treatments of annealing, quenching and tempering, as well as low temperature stress relieving. Then, they were nitrided in a cathodic cage at the temperatures of 400 and 480°C for 3 and 4 hours, to assess the best conditions of treatment for this material. Both 01 and D2 are held in a range of round and flat sections. D2 Tool Steel (BS EN ISO 4957:2000, X153CrMoV12 & Werkstoff 1.2379) D2 is a high carbon, high chromium, molybdenum, vanadium air hardening tool steel which offers very high resistance against abrasive wear due to a high volume of hard carbides in the steel's chemical composition. The SLD-MAGIC steel was developed as an improvement of the SLD steel and has superior anti-galling properties compared to other types of AISI-D2 tool steel (Kubota et al., 2011). Hereafter, the SLD and SLD-MAGIC tool steels are referred to as Materials A and B, respectively. Table 1 presents the chemical compositions of the evaluated tool.

When tool and die makers specify a steel for their equipment, they often look to D2 as a first choice. Its hardness enables it to take a pounding without losing its shape. Its ample wear resistance suits the task of stamping and forming other metals, a task that manufacturing equipment must be able to repeat over and over again without the need for frequent. 2022. 1. 3. · D2 tool steel is an air-hardening, cold work, high carbon, high chrome tool steel with exceptionally high wear resistance properties. D2 tool steel properties combine minimal distortion in heat treatment, high toughness and wear resistance at the expense of grindability and machinability compared to other grades. D2 tool steel is a versatile high-carbon, high-chromium air-hardening tool steel characterised by its high hardness and compressive strength after heat treatment. The metal also offers high wear resistance properties, dimensional stability, and corrosion resistance in the hardened condition, a key benefit for conformal cooling applications. High Quality M390 Steel Carbon Fiber Handle Folding Knife Outdoor Camping Hunting Pocket Kitchen Fruit Knives Practical EDC tool. ... High hardness 60HRC D2 steel folding knife outdoor pocket knife G10+ carbon fiber handle camping hunting EDC tool. ... Hand Tools. Tag Clouds. colorful gameboy; oem 3ds shell; 6 phone case gameboy. Tool steel D2 (CNC) is a wear-resistant alloy that retains its hardness to a temperature of 425 °C. Used for cutting tools and dies. Help center. EN. ... Tool steel D2 | 1.2379. Get in touch EU +44 20 3966 9208 or US +1 845-402-8321 or at [email protected] (v1.00, 2019). A2 is a mid-range Air-Hardening tool steel, it's known for its good toughness (its tougher than D2 Steel or M2 Steel ), and it has a wear resistance in between O1 Steel and D2, it's used for Punches and dies, chuck jaws, cutting tools for woodworking, tooling for plastic injection, dowel pins, hammers, industrial knives, and gage. D-2 Air-hardening Ground Flat Stock d2 Flat Bar has a very high resistance to abrasion and wear, because of its low sulphur composition and higher carbon and chromium content. D2 Flat Bar is a rugged tool steel for almost all types of uses when you want to achieve long life from shear blades, planer blades and industrial cutting tools. The advantage of a D2 tool steel blade is primarily that it is supremely hard with a Rockwell Hardness range of 55-62. If you don't know, the Rockwell Hardness, in simple terms, is the amount of pressure the steel can take before it's scratched or penetrated by a cone-shaped diamond being pushed against it.

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